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Sondage - Activité physique et jeunes handicapés

février 01 2019

(Veuillez noter que ce sondage est en anglais seulement.)

The purpose of the NPAM study is to measure current trends in physical activity, sleep, and screen-time behaviour among children and youth, ages 4 to 17 years, with disabilities across Canada. We are also hoping to examine the psychological well-being of children and youth with disabilities and the parental support they receive to be active.
Parents will be asked to complete a 30-minute online survey about their child’s physical activity, screen-time, sleep, and well-being. Children and youth will be asked to wear a Fitbit for 30 days. If eligible, youth between the ages of 10 and 17 years will be asked to complete one, 45-minute telephone/video interview or online survey, where they will be asked to complete a 24-hour recall and a series of questionnaires on their physical activity, screen-time, sleep, and well-being.
In addition to wearing the Fitbit, participants will be randomly selected to wear an activity measuring device, called an accelerometer, for a 7-day period, for at least 10 hours a day. This will help us understand how the Fitbit works and will inform how the Fitbit can better measure the activity patterns of children and youth with disabilities.
Parents will receive a $10 gift card for completing the online survey. Children and youth will get to keep the Fitbit. Youth will be provided with five community service hours.
Participation in this study is voluntary and individuals may choose to withdraw at any time. All information collected for the study will be kept confidential. Your input is a vital part of the NPAM study, therefore the researchers are asking you to consider taking part in this study.
If you would like to participate in the study, please visit:
If you have any questions, contact the Research Coordinator (Ritu Sharma) at:

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