New Funding Opportunites: 2022

ScotiaRISE Grant

- This funding is for those in Grade 11 and 12 to help with successfully graduating and transitioning from High School into Post-Secondary education.

- This program is for New Brunswick residents with disabilities (Cognitive, Physical, etc.)

- Students who are successful in receiving the grant will also be paired with a volunteer mentor from Scotiabank. 

- Successful students will be asked to provide testimony and a photo to share with Scotiabank. These testimonies and photos will not be shared publicly. 

Click Here to download an application

CIBC Grant

- This grant is for the purchase of Assistive Technology. 

- This grant is available to children 13 and under with any disability

- The child must be a resident of New Brunswick

- Upon receipt of an approved application, the assistive technology can either be purchased for the recipient, or the recipient may be reimbursed for the item. 

- Any assistive technology purchased for the client will be on loan to the client indefinitely. 

- The recipient of this grant will be asked to provide testimony and a photo. This will not be shared publicly. 

Applications are now closed. 

SUNLIFE Scholarship 

The SunLife grant opportunity is geared toward helping students living with disabilities succeed in their post-secondary education and transition successfully into the labour force. $1000 will be awarded to one student who is currently enrolled or enrolling in a university/college. Students provided with this funding must also commit to a 6-month mentorship program where they will be paired with a professional in their desired field. 

This scholarship is now closed.