Social Development Equipment Recycle Program

What is the Social Development Program?

Easter Seals New Brunswick SD Equipment Recycle Program is a recycling pool for rehabilitation equipment.

This is a program in which the New Brunswick Easter Seals and the department of Social Development (SD) work together to maintain quality and save numerous dollars by recycling rehabilitation equipment.

How it works:

All recyclable rehabilitation equipment purchased by the Health Services Program of Social Development belongs to the Recycle program. The client who receives the equipment will keep it as long as it is needed and then will return it to Easter Seals NB.

To obtain a loan a health professional contacts the Department of SD to determine eligability. SD will in turn refer the need to Easter Seals NB staff for action.


  • The recycle program makes more equipment available that otherwise might become lost.
  • Easter Seals NB tracks the equipment annually to insure that it is being used and is in good working condition, thus ensuring better equipment maintenance.
  • All necessary repairs are done in house or outsourced to other repair services as required.

Letters To Clients:

Social Development New Equipment Information Letter (SD NEIL)
Social Development Recycled Equipment Information Letter (SD REIL)


ESNB Personnel:


INTAKE- When the Trial Equipment Request Form (T.E.R.F.) is received and is being processed.


Maxine McKeil-McCarty, Client Coordinator or 506-206-9534. Max(ine) will receive requests directly by fax: 506-457-2863 or e-mail: and can guide you through the intake processif you need direction. She can determine how you can best be served by us. Fully completed applications directly from a qualified healthcare professional would be the way to start this process and will speed it up. Max is the person who manages the client files and ensures all of the information is correct and up to date. Any inquiries on the status of the request forms, any quipment on loan or on the process are dealt with by Max. Once all information is obtained and the application is processed, it would then move to the loans part of the program.


LOANS- When the Request Form is sent for potential loans.

Elias Tarfa, Equipment Facilitator once the request has been processed, it then is sent to Elias who would ready the equipment and arrange shipping. (If the requested equipment is not available, an alternatice pieve may be offered.) This is when the liaising with the therapist (O.T./P.T.) begins.

Darrell Wright, Equipment Technician Darrell specializes in the Power Equipment that ESNB has in inventory, he brings equipment up-to-standard and then places it into inventory for the next client in need. He also helps with shipping out the orders.


RETURNS- When the equipment is no longer needed and is to be returned to ESNB or if you have an equipment donation.

Debbie Nash, Returns Coordinator or 506-206-9542. Debbie is your contact when returning or donating equipment. You will need to contact her before you attempt to return equipment. She will assist you in identifying and ensuring the safe and proper return of equipment. Loaned equipment is should have a gold label and an inventory C# indicating the program it was loaned under as this ensures the user is credited with its return.

Erwin Violata and Chadney Pilar, Returns Techinicians both do the physical process of returning the equipment by logging, cleaning, tagging and entering it into the database using the client's name and proper paperwork. They receive all equipment that is coming into Easter Seals NB. They record each return or donation, clean and disinfect it, and bring the equipment back up to meet the current standards. This expedites the process and makes equipment available sooner. It is then placed into our inventory for the next client in need.


Trent Mundie, ESNB Equipment Manager or 506-478-0443. Trent monitors and oversees the various mobility equipment loaning and returning programs. He works with ESNB Personnel to maintain a constant flow of work, flow of information and updates them on program changes and services. Trent is generally the bGo-To-Person for any inquiries on the mobility equipment.